Web Design & Digital Marketing Services

Create a web presence tailored to your business goals.

Suski Web Design advocates a common sense approach to using digital strategies to build your business online. To get started, every business needs a domain name, for example suskiwebdesign.com, which costs about $15/year. You also need a hosting account to house your website's files, about $63/year. We walk you through the steps to get started.

Save 25% on HostGator hosting account.

Control Your Domain Name

Your domain name is an important company asset. Never let a web designer register or manage your domain name.

Some services, such as hibuTM, include a domain name and hosting in their package. Guess what happens if you decide to stop paying for the hibu account - you lose your domain name!

Purchase Your Own Hosting Account

Save money and keep control of your website by purchasing your own hosting account directly from HostGator.

Suski Web Design has worked with many hosting services, but recommends HostGator for its unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts, web statistics and great technical support. HostGator will even move your current website to their servers for you - for free!

The Hatchling Plan works well for most businesses. Use coupon code suskiwebdesign to save 25%.

Full disclosure: Suski Web Design became an affiliate with HostGator after using their service for clients from Kettering University.

Steps To Build Your Online Presence

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Wish List
It's Live!

Set Goals

Your online presence should help you make money or save money. What do you want your web presence to accomplish? Generate leads, build sales, enhance your brand?

Let's benchmark your current online iniatives and think about what phrases you would like visitors to type into Google to find your business. We can research these phrases to help develop content.

Wish List

Share websites, email campaigns and social media sites that make you say, "Wow!" Suski Web Design can use those examples as a springboard.

Think about which aspects of digital marketing you want to handle yourself. Do you want the ability to make your own website changes, learn how to set up email campaigns, work social media accounts, contribute to a blog, advertise or keep your website search engine friendly?

Or, let us know if you prefer for Suski Web Design to take the lead with your digital marketing.

Design & Development

Based on your feedback and our research, we provide mockups for your review. Your website is tested with validation tools and users.

It's Live!

We can help promote your website and other online assets. Learn how to submit your website to major search engines and directories. Hint: you can do this, you do not need to pay for a service.


Your digital assets are in place. Let's monitor the results and make updates according to your goals.

Web Design & Digital Marketing Prices

The fixed annual costs for a basic website include your domain name ($15/year with HostGator) and hosting account ($63/year or less with coupon code suskiwebdesign on the HostGator Hatchling Plan). You contract directly with HostGator and we help you with the sign up. This keeps you in full control.

Suski Web Design development prices vary from an hourly rate for consulting to package prices, depending on the type of work needed. Clients can save money by organizing their content and providing quality images.