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Responsive Design Makes Your Website Look Good On More Devices

It's no secret that sales of smart phones exceed sales of computers. Your clients are as likely to visit your website on their phone as on their monitor. You want your website to look and function well on any device. That's why all new websites built by Suski Web Design use responsive design. To get an idea of how responsive design works, visit 4 Seasons Outdoors on a monitor and a smart phone.

Free Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

As of April 21, 2015, Google favors mobile-friendly websites.

Check my website!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Well-crafted websites do not have to "pay to play" when it comes to getting found via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The key is to develop your search engine optimization strategy at the very beginning of a new website project.

One of the many aspects of SEO is local search. We can help you identify key phrases to target and provide sample write-ups that you can submit to online directories yourself.

Universal Web Design

Website Accessibility Under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act strives to make websites usable by all.

Learn more about web accessibility.

Kettering University TechWorks Entrepreneur Training

Suski Web Design's founder was honored to present a seminar on digital marketing at Kettering University for their ORBIT Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Training program.

Information contained in the handout:

  • Devote 70% of your resources to what's here NOW
  • 20% to what's NEW
  • 10% to what's NEXT
  • Topics

    • Your website is the only digital asset that you own and have full control over. Your website belongs at the center of your marketing and advertising strategy. It’s about connecting with customers, an activity that’s the core of every marketing effort. When a customer sees or hears one of your advertisements, the first place they head to is the Internet and your website.
    • Determine your objectives - a website should help make money or save money!
    • Competitive research
    • Plan for mobile! Visit the website for TMI Climate Solutions.
    • Password protect web pages
    • Keep control of your domain name and hosting account - use HostGator. Purchase and install an SSL certificate.
    • For website samples, go to Suski Web Design's Portfolio.
    • Set up a strategy to develop meaningful and interactive content to use throughout your marketing channels.
    • Customize and create share-worthy content for each channel.
    • Use video and images to convey information.
    • Moving offline to online - QR codes.
    • Choose social media outlets to support business objectives.
    • For a social media presence you’ve got to be present and active in order to succeed. If you're looking for ideas to use to engage your audience, check out 50 Content Ideas To Generate Buzz.
    • Use tools such as ShortStack.
    • Optimize Social Media for SEO